Pilots’ Emotional Fitness


All pilots undergo rigorous technical training throughout their career. Pilots also maintain a healthy lifestyle by engaging in regular physical fitness activities. While technical and physical abilities are essential for a good” pilot, it is the emotional skills that can help you become a “great” pilot. Most pilots never had any formal learning in the domain of emotions, and this program aims to fill that gap and help you remain “emotionally fit” to fly.



There has been an increased industry focus on pilots’ mental health since the Germanwings tragedy in 2015. A recent survey conducted by Harvard University revealed that one in eight airline pilots might be clinically depressed. Regulatory bodies such as EASA and FAA are currently working to resolve this complex issue. However, traditional regulatory approaches won’t be effective when it comes to mental health-related matters. We believe that it is the responsibility of every pilot to be self-aware and that awareness comes through emotional learning and practice.

By completing this program, you will gain:

  • Better Self-Awareness
  • Better CRM Skills
  • Better Decision-Making Abilities
  • Better Leadership Skills
  • Better Personal Relationships