Free Ebook: 6 Steps to Effective Safety Coaching

This Ebook will teach you:

Top 5 Myths About Safety Coaching and How Is It Different

Learn how safety coaching is different from safety training, advising, mentoring, directing and consulting.

The Need for Safety Coaching and How Is It Important

Learn how to solve many of your safety challenges and create a culture of safety using the power of safety coaching.

A Robust Framework to Enhance Your Safety Coaching

You will learn a 6-step coaching framework that allows you to lead the process of coaching in a structured way.

Take the First Step Toward Becoming a Great Safety Coach

We all know that training is an essential tool to enhance safety performance, and most safety professionals are on top of it. There is a growing trend to engage employees through safety coaching as part of various initiatives such as Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) and Human and Organizational Performance (HOP). 

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