How to Create a Positive Safety Culture Through Coaching


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What You’ll learn in this webinar:

Safety coaching is a powerful tool to create a culture of safety. However, the efficacy of coaching depends on how skilled the coaches are and what processes they follow to deliver coaching. Coaching is often confused with training or mentoring, and many organizations think they don’t have the time or resources to coach for safety. This webinar will teach you why safety coaching is so important and how it can be integrated into your existing initiatives to develop a culture of safety in your organization.

You will learn why developing a culture of safety needs a different approach to learning.

You will learn the different methods of learning and how they serve different purposes.

You will learn the key drivers behind safety decisions and how safety coaching can influence them.

You will learn the top 7 skills you need to help people make better safety decisions.

You will learn how to integrate safety coaching into your ongoing conversations.

You will learn how to develop your safety coaching skills using a practice-based approach. 

Your Webinar Host:

Dan Newby, PCC

Dan is a Professional Certified Coach with more than 8500 hours of coaching experience. He is also a trainer of coaches and has helped thousands of coaches around the world develop their coaching skills. He is the developer of the ACTIVE framework to coach for safety. His students include many safety leaders from high-reliability organizations in aviation, oil & gas, chemicals, and logistics industries.

Dan's specialty is emotions-centered coaching and decision-making. He has received advanced training in ontological and somatic coaching which are powerful methods to transform one's attitude toward safety. 

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