Want to Develop Your Safety Leadership Skills to Improve Your Organization's Safety Culture?

A positive culture is critical to elevating an organization's safety performance. Improving safety culture is a key discussion topic among safety professionals. However, a safety culture will not show up automatically, or that can not be produced just by implementing robust procedures and systems. Safety culture stems from the hearts of your employees not their brains. Our 6-week online course will teach you how to win their hearts and enlist their commitment to safety, not just their compliance.

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Mastery in Safety Culture and Leadership

6-Week Online Course to Master a Powerful Method for Safety Culture Development.

Safety culture is how people behave when no one is watching. Join this program to become a great safety leader and develop a culture of safety in your organization.

Top 7 Results You Can Generate by Taking This Course

  1. 1
    Eliminate the barriers to prioritizing safety in your organization
  2. 2
    Lead conversations that translate your safety policy into action
  3. 3
    Create an atmosphere of trust and encourage reporting of incidents
  4. 4
    Align the perceptions of risk across the organization
  5. 5
    Reframe safety as a profit-center to gain management commitment
  6. 6
    Win the hearts of workers to support your safety vision
  7. 7
    Help employees eliminate their blind spots and make unbiased decisions

Download the PDF Brochure and learn how this program could help you in your technical, supervisory, managerial, strategic, or advisory roles.

Safety Culture

Our 6-Step ACTIVE Safety Culture Development Framework

This program will introduce you to ACTIVE Safety Culture, a framework designed specifically to generate safety performance. The six steps involved in this coaching framework are Awareness, Communication, Trust, Interpretation, Vision and Engagement.

There is a significant difference between someone “believing safety is important” and “being a safety leader." By attending this program, you will be able to work with your teams and make safety part of their "way of being.”

They Say

Maxime Wauters

Pilot & Safety Manager

"I learned a lot of new things and certain things with a new interpretation, and I'm applying them every day in my work."

Mike Harris

Engineering Manager

"I'm somewhat smitten with the principles learned in this training and espouse them to others whenever I can."

Learn With Our Safety Culture Development Expert, Dan Newby, PCC

Dan is a Professional Certified Coach, coach trainer and author with more than 20 years of experience in coaching and training coaches. He has more than 8500 hours of coaching experience and has trained thousands of coaches worldwide. He has trained and coached safety leaders and teams from high-reliability industries such as Aerospace and Chemical Manufacturing. Dan’s specialty is developing the human and relational skills necessary to drive world class safety performance. 

Safety Culture

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