The Supervisor-as-Safety Coach Program

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The Supervisor-as-Safety Coach Program

Train How to Switch Between Supervisory and Coaching Roles Effectively

While safety supervising can help ensure compliance with chosen procedures, safety coaching is a great tool for generating commitment. Becoming a safety coach doesn’t mean that the safety supervisor moves into a full-time job as a professional coach.

The idea of “supervisor as a safety coach” means one can switch between the roles of the safety supervisor and safety coach easily and effectively. One does not exclude the other. A person can have both supervising and safety coaching mindsets at the same time or can switch back and forth from moment to moment to get different perspectives, ask different questions or take different actions. Both are essential to generating comprehensive safety.

Top 7 Results Your Supervisors Can Generate by Taking This Program

  • Eliminate your frontline workers' barriers to learning and change
  • Lead conversations that translate your safety policy into action
  • Encourage reporting of safety-related incidents and near-misses
  • Align the perceptions of risk and safety among frontline workers
  • Promote a culture of trust and accountability
  • Win the hearts of frontline workers to support your safety vision
  • Help workers eliminate their blind spots and make unbiased decisions

Learn why safety training alone is not sufficient to create sustainable change in behavior.

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