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We offer online courses to enhance your organization's safety and reliability performance. 

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Safety and Reliability Online Courses

We collaborate with organizations and individuals to make world a safer world. Over the past 8 years, we have trained thousands of senior leaders in one hundred countries worldwide. In addition to compliance and technical courses, we offer a set of powerful tools and methodologies to help organizations see safety differently and create a culture of safety.

Asynchronous Online Coaching

Work with our highly-experienced coaches in our Virtual Learning Environment to expand your awareness, practice every day, and track progress at your convenience.

Virtual Live Group Coaching

Work with our masterful facilitators and a cohort of safety professionals to learn collaboratively using Zoom and our Virtual Learning Environment.

Practice-Based Transformation

Our coaching programs are practice-based, require that you apply the learning in your work situations every day, and take accountability for your learning.


Mastery in Safety Culture  and Leadership

A positive culture is critical to elevating an organization's safety performance. Improving safety culture is a key discussion topic among safety professionals. However, a safety culture will not show up automatically, or that can not be produced just by implementing robust procedures and systems. Safety culture stems from the hearts of your employees not their brains. This 6-week online course will teach you how to win their hearts and enlist their commitment to safety, not just their compliance.

Certificate of Mastery in Safety Coaching

This program will introduce you to some of the most powerful coaching methods for you to become a great safety coach. Safety training is essential to generate compliance. Safety coaching will help you generate commitment. Both safety coaching and safety training are essential to elevate safety performance.

Online Aviation Courses

Aircraft Maintenance Planning

Covering the regulatory Requirements from EASA and FAA, this online learning course will introduce you to most of the planning considerations based on the facilitator’s experience and will help you and your organization achieve excellence in maintenance planning.

Aircraft Records Management

Poor records management can devalue an aircraft so it is pertinent to understand basic records maintenance principles. This course will guide you and introduce you through an aircraft technical records review and audit for redelivery of aircraft in an efficient manner. FAA and EASA references will be used throughout the course.

Airworthiness and Maintenance Programmes

Understanding where the programme and tasks come from and how they are established is important when managing the programme as an operator or owner. The compliance monitoring department personnel also need to have this knowledge to ensure the operator’s responsibilities are fulfilled. Knowing which tasks can’t be changed and those which can, through an analysis process will aid in optimising the programme for more effective and lower cost maintenance programmes.

Aviation Quality Management and Auditing

This course will introduce you to all the necessary aspects of a Quality Management System, within the Aviation Industry, as well as how to perform an integral role within it. It will provide you with what constitutes industry “best practice” to prepare for and undertake an audit, to properly analyse any audit findings and to effectively identify appropriate corrective/preventative actions.

Aviation Parts Handling Cost & Risk Management

Passenger, Freight, Business and General aircraft operations require the support of airworthy parts, appliances and components despite the aircraft size or fleet population being operated. Regardless of its condition (Airworthy, Scrap, Unairworthy, Repairable), each of them requires different handling, transportation and storage. This course will allow you to discover the impact of Aircraft Materials Handling, Transportation and Storage regarding airworthiness and how the process works.

Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS)

This Online Course has simplified the complex SMS Information by combining the regulatory requirements from FAA, ICAO and EASA and provides a path and flow that is easy to follow and comprehend.

Aircraft Reliability Monitoring and Maintenance Cost

Covering the regulatory Requirements from JAA, EASA and FAA, this online learning course outlines the background of the Aircraft Reliability Program, as part of the operator’s Maintenance Program and will specifically emphasize on issues related to Maintenance Cost.


Aircraft leasing is a multi-billion dollar industry that offers airlines an alternative to lease aircraft rather than buying and owning an aircraft outright. Leasing allows an airline to operate an aircraft profitably over the course of its life without a large financial commitment.


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Health, Safety & Wellbeing Manager

"Very proud to have recently completed my Certificate of Mastery in Safety Coaching with SafetyRelations. Honestly one of the BEST ONLINE COURSES I have ever done in the OHS field."


Business Jet Pilot & Safety Manager

"I learned a lot of new things (or sometimes not new, but with a different approach and interpretation). I am already trying to apply some of these concepts into my daily functions and tasks."


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