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Certificate of Mastery in Safety Coaching


This program will introduce you to some of the most powerful coaching methods for you to become a great safety coach. While safety training aims to transfer information intellectually, safety coaching integrates language, emotions, and body as the sources of information. There is a significant difference between someone “believing safety is important” and “being a safety leader. By attending this program, you will be able to work with your teams and make safety part of their “way of being.”

Today’s organizations see safety as a value that drives many initiatives including Safety Management Systems (SMS), Just Culture, Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) and Human and Organizational Performance (HOP). Irrespective of the methodology you have adopted and the industry you are in, one thing common to all safety development initiatives is learning and change. That is why organizations have invested in countless hours of safety training. Safety training is essential to generate awareness of procedures and technical aspects of safety. However, a less commonly used method of learning is safety coaching, which focuses on helping people see safety differently. By combining the benefits of both training and coaching, organizations can generate superior safety performance.

This program fits very well with your busy work schedule. There are no fixed schedules or live meetings with the coach. The program duration is six weeks, and there is a learning objective for every week. You only have to dedicate approximately one hour per week for virtual learning, and that can be at your convenience. Because of the nature of the topic, the rest of the work is practicing what you have learned, and that happens by integrating the concepts into your daily work. You will communicate your progress with your coach, who will be of assistance to you.


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